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Our Team

Our leadership is made up of dynamic professional 'foodies' who take pride in offering passionate service to our customers. We've been around long enough to know what ground-breaking innovation is. So we know that experience and hard work will give innovative food products the best chance for success.

Our team of production staff consist of a core group of employees that have been with the company over 10 years. They have the proven skills, knowledge, and desire to manufacture quality offerings that represent our company in the service establishments of our customers. Our low turnover is related to our working environment, because we wouldn't have a high performing team without a solid foundation of trust, respect for diversity, and open-door transparency.

We put food safety first! Our food safety team starts from the ground up, each individual associate is trained in our extensive HACCP plan. Led by department heads and our two food scientists, we've achieved a level of quality and reliability that our customers have come to expect from Gourmet Chef.

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