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At Gourmet Chef, we know that the key to our success lies with your product uniqueness and your special understanding of your customers. We are here to serve you, and offer our considerable experience to bring your products to their highest level.

Our partners benefit from the balance that exists at Gourmet Chef ‐ we are flexible enough to make unique recipes, and still offer substantial savings through our consistent quality and efficiencies.

Dedication to Great Food

Our dedication to great‐tasting food is one of our core strengths. It is written into the constitution of our company! We get excited about new ingredients and methods, while also having a deep appreciation for the tried-and-true.

Our Chef and Food Scientists are devoted to getting your recipes right every time. We love to learn new things, and our goal is to make your items as good (or better!) than you can in your kitchen.

With a new food trend appearing on the horizon every 4 months, Gourmet Chef is your partner in the search for special ingredients that connect your customers to the most current and exciting eating experiences. Ask us about what flavors are popular across the industry, and we will help you devise a strategy to work them into your product line!


Recipes can arrive on our doorstep in a variety of conditions ‐ from an idea that needs shaping, to a legendary formula that needs exacting replication. These processes take time, but we have a track record of rapid turnaround. The biggest part of our process is Trust - the confidentiality of your information is assured, and your recipes stay secure.


"Our door is always open to discuss your unique project, or just send us an email and get the conversation started that way." 

- Gourmet Chef Team


Our salads are made with the freshest, in-house prepared veggies and fruits. Our methods are the result of 20 years of experience in processing and packing vegetables, and manifest in a crisp, tasty product with the shelf-life you need!

As a market leader in preservative free and gluten free products, we can also create a salad to suit your unique customers needs.

Additionally, we compost all of our vegetable processing waste, as part of our company-wide social responsibility commitments.

Fresh Tomato Salsas
Asian Salads
Preservative Free Salads
Seafood Salads
Pasta Salads
Grain Salads
Mixed Vegetable Salads
Bean Salads
Dessert Salads
Sandwich Fillings



Having made delicious soups for all varieties of Retail and Food Service customers, let our expertise go to work for you. Our batch sizes are medium-to-small compared with the large industry standard, which translates directly into quality and consistency. Ask us how! Blend your existing recipes with our Seasonal, Classic and Ethnic offerings to create a rotating base of flavors that appeals to even the most fervent soup lovers.

Preservative Free Soups
Vegan Soups
Vegetarian Soups
Meat & Vegetable
Global Soups
Seafood Soups
Frozen Soups
Gluten Free Soups


As always, we are happy to work with your recipes, or provide you with a large catalogue of trendy and diverse stews that we've created together.

Our Stews are the heartiest, tastiest and most diverse out there. We take pride in the savory, rich and delicious stew products we offer!

Most of our stews can be frozen with no loss of quality, helping you plan your volumes appropriately.

Similar to our soups, we maintain a small-to-medium batch size, which translates directly into quality for you. This allows us much tighter control of consistency.

Chili Stews
Pot Pie Fillings
Savoury Stews
Vegan Stews
Asian Stews & Curries



Our in-house Chefs love to work with innovative recipes, and offer their own creations to our customers. From the traditional starting points, we derive a nearly infinite amount of flavors, and we are always passionate about working with our customers own creations.

Quality Sauces start with quality ingredients. Gourmet Chef has deep relationships with suppliers built over 20 years and based on mutual success. We treat our suppliers as partners in creating great-tasting products, and our Sauces are no exception.

Indian-Style Sauces
French Sauces
Cream Based Sauces
Hot Sauces
Tomato Based Sauces
Pasta Sauce
Cheese Sauces
Pizza Sauces
Asian Sauces
Chocolate Sauce
BBQ Sauce


Gourmet Chef Dips are a constant presence in many of our customers' menus. We provide the base, and you decorate it, garnish it ‐ done!

We specialize in custom Hummus and Salsa products, and love creating new fresh and tasty variations to meet the needs of an evolving market.

We incorporate ingredients like Greek Yogurt, freshly cooked (not canned) Chickpeas, and freshly chopped Roma Tomatoes in our products at a volume-cost benefit to you!

Mayonnaise Dips
Cream Based Dips
Artichoke Dips
Crab Dips
Custom Ketchup
Spinach Dips
Salsa Dips
Bean Dips
Cheese Dips



Our savory Pies are simply Best-in-Market. They are slightly larger than your regular supermarket fare, and contain our own in-house made fillings. We have experience with many Aussie, Mushroom, Steak, and Chicken variations - but we are always happy to learn your special recipes and provide a custom project for you.

Our pies can be prepared in a variety of ways and then finished in your oven.

Chicken Pot Pie
Beef Pot Pie
Mushroom & Spinach
Steak & Bacon
Aussie Pies
Custom Pies


Our unique line of Jelly and Jam products are tailor-made to add a burst of flavor to any meal or menu. Whether you are topping a baked Brie Wheel, spicing up that Chicken Sandwich or dipping Candy Salmon ‐ we have the flavour for you.

Looking for something spicy & hot? Try our Habanero line of spicy jellies, with ingredients such as Okanagan Peach, Tangy Mango, and tart Pomegranate Habanero.

Need a glaze for your protein specials? Let our Jellies do the heavy lifting for you - just brush them onto a grilled piece of Chicken, Pork, or Beef and taste the perfect synergies between savory, sweet, and spicy.

Additionally, our Jellies make a wonderful compliment to many of our dips, let us recommend a match!

Gourmet Jellies
Savoury Jellies
Spicy Jellies
Sweet Fruit Jams
Herbal Jellies
Global Jams
Wild Fruit Jams

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