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Quality Commitment

The Management Team at Gourmet Chef is committed to provide its customers and consumers with great quality and safe food products by:

  • Preparing and delivering food products that meet or exceed statutory, regulatory and customer food safety requirements.

  • Ensuring that our employees, business partners, statutory and regulatory authorities, customers and consumers are updated on the Company's food safety practices.

  • Providing management support, objectives, training and resources for communication, implementation, maintenance, review and continuous improvement of the established Food Safety System (Prerequisite Program, HACCP plan and QMP plan).


Gourmet Chef is a proud member of BC's exciting food community, and we take our responsibilities seriously:

  • We buy local ingredients whenever possible

  • We monitor and control the water that comes in and out of our plant

  • We compost our fruit and vegetable trimmings into fertilizer

  • We recycle our metal, plastic, and fibre waste

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